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Administering Tinctures

While there are numerous ways to consume cannabinoids, studies have shown that administering sublingually (under the tongue), is the most highly bio-available route.  For best results, place oil drops under the tongue and allow absorption for 30-60 seconds.

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Getting Started

Starting CBD can be overwhelming with all the different strengths and sizes that are available today.  We at Hari Om Hemp are here to help guide you on your new journey to health and wellness when starting CBD.  CBD is not a quick fix and finding the correct dosage can take time and patience.  We suggest that when you start CBD to always start low and slow and to micro-dose up to the dose that your own unique endocannabinoid system requires, this would be your “sweet spot”.  A “sweet spot” is what we call when someone finds the correct dosage of CBD that works for them.  Not everyone will have the same “sweet spot”, as everyone has their own unique endocannabinoid system, so no two people’s dosing will be the same.


To help find your "sweet spot", one option may be to try micro-dosing, an example of this is the chart below.  Most will find their “Sweet spot” well before the sixth week.  To put it simply, micro-dosing is simply the gradual build up of how much phytocannabinoids you take until you find the desired results.  Again, most will find their "sweet spot" well before the sixth week, typically around week 3-4.  

Dropper Guide

If you are wondering how much CBD may be in a dropper, this guide is a good point of reference for estimated CBD by strength based on the amount you may fill the dropper up.  Again, dosing is individual and you may want to start low and slow, but this guide will help give reference to how much CBD you may be taking per dose.

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