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Testimonials from our Customers


As someone who (openly) struggles with anxiety, I am so grateful for this early arrival surprise from my friends at
@hariomhemp! My routine has consisted of adding 15-30 drops of their Full Spectrum Hemp Oil to my morning coffee- and I have already noticed such a difference!

- Brittany


I've been using a drop of this oil for the past few weeks in my face moisturizer to help relieve some redness from my rosacea and it has helped a ton 🙌 I'll try to put together a good comparison photo soon!

Over the past few days though, I've finally gotten around to taking this orally to help with muscle and joint soreness in the cold weather. I definitely feel a million times better than I usually would in these winter conditions. It's honestly incredible to have the pain lessened so noticeably.

Also @hariomhemp is LOCAL and incredible!! I've been skeptical in general about trying CBD products even though I know THC helps with all the pain in my back and joints. After talking to Leigh though and seeing how she utilizes her medical background so vigorously to research and develop the best, and most pure, products.

I will continue to update and explore more on how this oil affects my daily life dealing with pain and the other benefits it provides me with 😊

- Ivy