Our Story

Hari Om Hemp was founded on the belief in alternative and holistic therapies.  While we strive to educate on the benefits of CBD we are not just any other CBD company.  At Hari Om Hemp our goal is to promote better overall health and wellness as a whole, mind, body and spirit using an all natural and holistic approach.  We want to help people on their journey to health and wellness as a whole.

Hari Om Hemp started in the heartland of the midwest in the great city of Kansas City.   Hari Om Hemp began as an idea from husband and wife Dustin and Leigh Carr when they both noticed the many benefits that Leigh saw from CBD herself. Leigh, who holds a bachelor’s in Science of Nursing was sick and tired of being sick and tired.  Bound to the drive through pharmacy line for refill after refill for little to no relief was not the life Leigh wanted to live anymore.  That is when she started to do research on alternative and holistic therapies. All her research led her to CBD. Leigh has suffered from numerous different ailments and she finally began to feel better.

It was not till Dustin and Leigh’s son was diagnosed with special needs that they really found the need to start their own CBD company when they could not find one that was open and honest as they would like.  After months of research and product testing Dustin and Leigh found a farm to partner with directly to source their CBD from. Sourcing directly from this Farm allows us to have seed to sale transparency. We strive to be open, honest, and transparent to allow peace of mind when choosing a CBD company for your alternative therapy needs.

About Our Products

We strive to provide the highest quality and safe products.  All products are third party tested in an outside facility to avoid tampering with results.  

Hari Om Hemp has direct relations with an organic farm in Oregon whom we source all our Full Spectrum CBD oil.  Because of this relationship we are able to track back to the farm that our CBD is sourced from, unlike many other companies that are out there.  Having direct relations with this organic farm in Oregon allows us to provide the same genetics of Full Spectrum CBD with every batch extracted.  


Our CBD is a Full Spectrum Oil and contains not only CBD but a full spectrum of cannabinoids.  Studies have shown that consuming a Full Spectrum CBD Oil over an isolate CBD creates what is known as “an entourage effect”.  This “entourage effect” has shown to help return the body to homeostasis.

Key Highlights of Our Products

> We source our CBD Directly from an organic farm in Oregon whom we have close relations with.
> 3rd Party Test all our products to ensure the amount of CBD we say are in our products are really in them.
> Full Spectrum CBD Oil grown for its Flower not stalks and seeds
> Grown Organically in Sunny Oregon
> CO2 extraction
> Mixed only with MCT Oil, no fillers or adding flavoring
> Pure Therapeutic Essential Oils used in all bath and body products
> Always Natural, Never Synthetic
> Preservative Free
> Cruelty Free Leaping Bunny Certified
> Toxin Free
> Source local ingredients from other small businesses for our bath bombs & topicals (when available)
> Our Products are Hand Made in Small Batches to Maintain Quality and Consistency
> All products are  Hand Weighed for accurate CBD dosing

Meet The Owners

Leigh holds a Bachelor’s in Science of Nursing, her work in the medical field and witnessing the opioid epidemic first hand helped her realize the opportunities in the Industrial Hemp industry.  Leigh is passionate about educating on the benefits of hemp and the natural healing properties found in hemp.  Leigh herself suffers from numerous different medical conditions and found that there are many companies whose products are misleading and not always what they say they are.  With many failed attempts of finding a quality hemp product Leigh decided to dig deep and find the best product in the market. We think we found that product and we want to share it with everyone we know. Quality and variety of Hari Om Hemp's products are very important to her and every product selected is tested and researched vigorously before the line is available to customers.

Dustin is a graduate of University of Missouri and a business man. He has had multiple roles in the E-commerce industry since the beginning of e-commerce.  Dustin has pleasure of gaining a lot of experience working for a large e-commerce company. Dustin, with his wife Leigh, decided to take the entrepreneurial jump together after Leigh found great benefits with hemp herself for numerous different reasons, ranging from both physical issues and mental health. Dustin has seen first-hand the numerous benefits his wife has found in hemp and plummeting decrease in trips to pick up prescriptions for her, doctors, visits, and physical therapy. Dustin and his wife are dedicated to always being transparent about their products and pride themselves in striving for an excellent customer experience.