My Story

As a registered nurse, I believe that relief from chronic pain, mental health issues and other ailments shouldn’t be addictive or rob your quality of life. I spent years stuck on a merry-go-round of pharmaceuticals in an effort to address sleep issues, anxiety, depression and chronic pain. But, the prescriptions gave me little relief and, like so many Americans, led to an opioid addiction.


After I began researching alternative and holistic therapies, I finally found relief with CBD. Within three months I’d exited the pharmacy turnstile. I was living with more clarity and energy—and a keen determination to share my experiences and knowledge about the benefits of medicinal CBD with others.

Help for My Special Needs Son

Because of my positive experiences with CBD, I suspected that my son Nolan, who has ADHD and sensory processing disorder, could benefit as well. Like many parents of special needs children, my husband Dustin and I were spending thousands of dollars on traditional therapies to help our son manage his developmental challenges. 

Unfortunately, Nolan made little progress. It wasn’t until we turned to a holistic chiropractor that Nolan finally began to respond to treatment for his sensory processing disorder. 

Wishing to avoid pharmaceuticals, we wondered if he could further benefit from CBD.

But, finding quality, effective products from sources we could trust remained a worrisome problem. Where was the CBD sourced? How much CBD did the products actually contain? Did they contain fillers or added flavorings? Most of all, how would we know which product was safe and could be effective for our child?

That’s when we decided to start our own CBD company. After months of research and product testing, we launched Hari Om Hemp, which directly sources its Full Spectrum Hemp Oil from cannabis flowers grown on an organic farm in Oregon. To further guarantee a high-quality product, we run our products through third-party testing in a cruelty-free environment. 

With my trusted, hand-crafted product in hand, I began giving Nolan CBD. Within three days, I noticed my kindergartner’s stress level begin to drop. He was less anxious, and he started sleeping better. The turnaround was impressive—all without the negative side effects associated with commonly prescribed pharmaceuticals.

Compassionate Advocate and Educator

As a registered nurse, educator and tireless advocate for the legalization of medical cannabis, I am passionate about educating others about the benefits of hemp and its natural healing properties. Often that means, I’m sharing firsthand accounts of my experiences with the opioid epidemic and as a mom to a special needs child. 


Whether I’m speaking to the medical community, a member of the legislature or someone who is simply curious about CBD, I strive to raise awareness, correct misconceptions and provide factual information about CBD that’s grounded in extensive scientific research. 


I co-chair the Kansas Nurses for Medical Cannabis, a diverse group of nurses and medical professionals, who advocate for the legalization of medical cannabis in Kansas. Our organization believes that people should have access to cannabis in all forms and be able to exercise their right to choose natural herbal healing if they so desire.


To help special needs families afford their children’s medical cannabis expenses, I serve on the board of Ayden’s Alliance. I’m also a member of the American Cannabis Nurses Association and the Cannabis Nurses Network.


To follow my advocacy and education efforts and to learn how you can help advocate for the legalization of medical cannabis and support the Industrial Hemp Industry, visit Hari Om Hemp’s Advocacy page.


> Co-chair for the Kansas Nurses for Medical Cannabis, a diverse group of nurses and medical professionals, who advocate for the legalization of medical cannabis in Kansas.

> Board member of Ayden’s Alliance, which help special needs families afford their children’s medical cannabis expenses.

> American Cannabis Nurses Association

> Cannabis Nurses Network


> Board of Directors of Bleeding Kansas, an advocacy group dedicated to bringing medical cannabis to the state of Kansas

> Treasurer of The International Association of Psychedelic Nursing (IAPN)

Awards & Recognition

> Certificate of recognition by the American Cannabis Nurses Association (ACNA) for her hard work and dedication to cannabis education and advocacy on behalf of the ACNA.

> Named among the “Women to Watch in Cannabis” by Greenway Magazine (2019)

> Hari Om Hemp products included among Top 25 Products to Try by American Spa magazine (2019)