Hemp vs. Marijuana

CBD can be extracted from two sources, Hemp and Marijuana. CBD extracted from Marijuana can contain up to 35% THC levels while Industrial Hemp contains only 0.3% THC. Hemp will not get you high, only healthy.

Low in THC
Less than 0.3%


High in THC
Typically 10-20%, can be >30%

No, with Less than 0.3% THC
Hemp Does Not Make You High


Yes, Marijuana has High Levels of
THC and Will Get You High
CBD Levels:
Higher Levels of CBD

than Marijuana
CBD Levels:
Contains CBD at Lower Levels
than Hemp, also Contains TCH
Growing and Cultivating:
Much Easier to Grow
Adapts to Many Climates
Growing and Cultivating:
Requires Much More 
Attention, Often Indoors
Industrial Uses:
CBD and Other Health Uses, Textiles,

Ropes, Construction Materials, etc...

Industrial Uses:

Recreational & Medical Uses

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