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Hemp Hemp Hooray - Hemp is Great Again! 2018 Farm Bill Passes

Posted by Dustin Carr on

2018 Farm Bill for Hemp (CBD)

Passage of The 2018 Farm Bill

Have you heard the news?!  The 2018 Farm Bill has passed and is ready to become law.  

HEMP HEMP HOORAY CBD derived from hemp, is legal at the highest level in the land. HEMP has been made GREAT AGAIN!

Originally introduced by Senator Mitch McConnell from the state of Kentucky.  The 2018 Farm Bill passed the House of Representatives on December 11th, 2018 and one day later passed the Senate on December 12, 2018.  Now, it has been signed into Law by President Trump.

So, what exactly is the 2018 Farm Bill?  Well, first off it has a ton of stuff in it.  The Farm Bill is a lengthy bill with over six inches in height when printed out!  There’s surely things in the 2018 Farm Bill that everyone will either agree or disagree on but for the fans of CBD (like us!) who love it and understand its potential and power, the 2018 Farm Bill is a game changer.

First, let’s look at what it does for Hemp as a whole.  Hemp has long been one of the most useful crops in history, until manufacturers began to get taxed into the stratosphere in 1937 to try and discourage its use and cultivation.  Hemp was grown by many former presidents on their farms and was used for many purposes, including feed for livestock, which helped proliferate it into all our natural diets.  But as mentioned in 1937, many who had a vested interest in seeing hemp banned or at the very least discouraged, successfully pushed for it to be unjustly highly taxed. There are several key reasons many large corporations and individuals fought hemp, all of them had an interest in seeing it be banned, such as a prominent newspaper owner who owned the paper mills that his newspapers were printed on and as well as selling their paper to other businesses.  Hemp, which can be not only a stronger material, but also cheaper, was a major threat to his paper mill business. So, in 1937, that same businessman, William Randolph Hearst helped push and even influence what was written in the Marihuana Tax Act (yes, it has an ‘h’), which sought to not only tax Marijuana, but Hemp, and all the products hemp could be used for were to be taxed to the point it made it not viable to grow any more.  In 1970, hemp become fully illegal, even though there is no high from hemp, it was included under the Controlled Substances Act, meaning all of its potential uses, which were seen as threats to many industries, went from being taxed to oblivion to discourage its use, to outright banned.

Fast forward to late 2018, while we’re still learning about the new bill, Hemp is once again set to become legal at the Federal level.  Over the years, various states have passed their own laws governing the acceptance and regulation of hemp as they have seen the possible benefits of hemp derived CBD. The 2018 Farm Bill, makes Hemp, as a crop, legal at the Federal level for all growers.  While states were passing their own laws accepting licensed farmers to grow hemp, since it was outlawed at the federal level, this meant things as basic as Crop Insurance, were unavailable for farmers, meaning more risk for farmers. The Farm Bill makes hemp a normal agricultural commodity.  Which opens up hemp farmers to things like more access to natural resources such as water rights as well as more options to services such as banking, loans, and payment processing for their business.

So with Hemp being legal at the Federal level, along with that comes the full legalization of CBD derived from Hemp.  Again, with many states passing their own various laws regarding CBD, it was a very gray area depending on which state you are in or traveling too.  The new Farm Bill legalizes Hemp Derived CBD that contains 0.3% or less THC. It officially removes it from the Schedule I Controlled Substances. So, enjoy your CBD and have peace of mind while doing so.  While CBD is about to become more prevalent and mainstream, just remember not all CBD is created equal, there will be many chasing the new market and inevitability there will low quality products out there, please do your research!

As we learn more about what impact the 2018 Farm Bill will have, which contains much more than just hemp news, we will make sure to share and post links to official sources of the bill.  With all the potential and positive impacts CBD can have on the lives of so many, it is blessing how fast things are finally moving and minds are opening up to changing to Holistic Therapies.


If you like to read, a lot, here's a link to the text and various Amendments in the Farm Bill on the official Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition & Forestry. (Link)

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