Women in Cannabis Study Released - See Hari Om Hemp Founder Feature

Women in Cannabis Study Released - See Hari Om Hemp Founder Feature

The much anticipated Women in Cannabis Study headed by Jennifer Whetzel has just dropped this week. The report features months of research involving a sample of hundreds of women, focusing on two key areas each with their own sample of respondents. The first area of study is women in cannabis, this looks at data from women who are actively in the cannabis industry, fulfilling a variety of roles and in various groups and businesses in the cannabis industry. Secondly, this report looks at women as consumers or potential consumers in the cannabis market place.

You may of seen a recent Forbes article highlighting the release of the new Women in Cannabis Report, detailing the effects and roles women are playing in the ever growing Cannabis Industry, if not, here's a quick LINK.  As a newer industry, the cannabis industry is full of new companies, entrepreneurs, ancillary businesses and opportunities. Women are playing a major and powerful role shaping this new industry across the country. This part of the report utilitized over 1,600 respondents, more than 800 who completely finished the entire process, followed by detailed and detailed interviews of 23 women in the industry.

The other part of the report focuses on women who are active or curious cannabis consumers. Women in Cannabis partnered with the knowledge and expertise from Fordis Consulting to help collect and give a picture of women cannabis consumers. This portion of the report consists of over 9,000 total respondents, with 50% of the respondents active cannabis users, 34% curious consumers who have tried cannabis with another 16% who were curious but never tried cannabis, with respondents across all three categories coming from across the country in states where cannabis is legal.

While you will have to download and read the report in its entirety to get access to all the information, which is totally free by the way (here’s a link), there were some key takeaways we wanted to share.

First, is that cannabis is something that women want to be involved in no matter their age or generation. Obviously, individuals in the Gen-X and Millennial generations are in the age range to be in the workforce, 11% of the women in the cannabis industry are a part of the Baby Boomer Generation. Gen-Z currently makes up 2% of the female workforce in cannabis, but obviously this number will grow as more and more become of legal consumption age and able to work in the industry. But cannabis is something that all, no matter the age have an interest and want to see grow and become more accessible to everyone.

Another thing we thought was interesting was that of the women currently working in the cannabis industry they had come from various backgrounds when it comes to prior work experience. Healthcare and medical backgrounds comprise the highest percentage of prior experience followed by a mix coming from marketing, retail and food service industries.

These are just a few examples of some of the data available in this extremely detailed and thorough report. Also inside are numerous excerpts from women in cannabis, including entrepreneurs, including Hari Om Hemp’s very own Leigh Carr. You can see Hari Om Hemp Co-Founder & CEO Leigh Carr featured in the report on pg. 227. Below is a convenient screenshot.  

This report details everything from obstacles, opportunities, experiences and data from women who are shaping both sides of the cannabis industry, it is completely FREE from https://www.womenincannabis.study/

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