Hari Om Hemp Founder Speaks at MCIA Event

Hari Om Hemp Founder Speaks at MCIA Event

Both a nurse and founder of Hari Om Hemp, Leigh Carr (BSN, RN) had the privilege of being able to speak and help educate during the event.

During the presentation, Leigh helped educate the attendees on The Endocannabinoid System, which is often left out of most medical literature and writings, but it is the 12th Human Body System. In order to understand the medical benefits of marijuana, but more precisely cannabinoids or phytocannabinoids (those cannabinoids produced by plants), its important to understand the basics of how it helps the body. While everyone has their own unique endocannabinoid system, we all have receptors throughout our body and our body even produces its own cannabinoids such as Anandamide.

Cannabis, whether its from medical marijuana or even from hemp, all has its own cannabinoid profile. Meaning different strains will have different amounts of each cannabinoid and therefore can affect people in different ways. While its still commonplace for many to label cannabis as either Sativa or Indica, its important to note that these are just general classifications but they do not really describe what is in the cannabinoid profile of the strain and what ailments or benefits it might have. With everyone having their own unique Endocannabinoid System, one strain will not affect every person the exact same, general classifications such as Sativa and Indica are labels many medical professionals are moving away from because they do not describe the cannabinoid profiles, nor accurately describe how it can help each individual.

Another topic Leigh discussed was Terpenes, while cannabinoids get most of the attention, terpenes are also very important to understand. Each cannabis strain will have a terpene profile, just like it has a cannabinoid profile. Terpenes are what give flowers and plants their smells and aromas, as well as each can have properties that can affect many various conditions. There are over 100+ terpenes known in the cannabis plant. Some of the more common ones might include beta-caryophyllene, myrcene, d-limonene and linalool.

Perhaps the biggest takeaway from the presentation is that cannabis is not a one size fits all. Understanding, there’s many things to consider and trying to find the right strain for you for your specific ailments or conditions may not be just as easy as taking what a friend said worked for them. The phytocannabinoids and terpene profiles of each strain can affect what you are trying to treat differently. It can be a lot to take in, but it’s important to know there are cannabis nurses and consultants available to help! These nursing consultants can help with understanding which method of administration such as taking flower, topicals, edibles, sublingual among others is best for you as well as figuring out your dosing.

Nursing professionals should be able to help you find a cannabinoid profile and terpene profile that is good for you, while it may take some trial and dialing in, a nursing professional can help guide you to find relief in a much more targeted manner. Last thing we want is for a patient who has no idea what they need, seek relief by walking into a dispensary and just be recommended to just get one of the most common strands and have a bad experience because it was not right for them personally.

If you would like to watch the presentation along with the questions and answers, you may view this recording of the original livestream on Evolution Magazine’s Facebook page…


If you would like to contact Leigh directly, please feel free to contact her at Leigh@HariOmHemp.com.