Celebrating Kansas City's First Dispensary

Celebrating Kansas City's First Dispensary

First Medical Dispensary in Kansas City Area Opens

It has been a long road, but nearly two years after voters approved medical cannabis in the State of Missouri, the first dispensary in the Kansas City area is now open! Fresh Green Dispensary in Lee's Summit opened on Monday, October 19th. This is only the first of two locations Fresh Green Dispensaries, which is owned by area residents Bianca and Rob Sullivan, that will be opening in the Kansas City area, with the other location opening in Waldo in Kansas City in the future. But it was a special day for Hari Om Hemp and Hari Om Holistic Healing CEO and Founder Leigh Carr, who worked as a nurse for many years and now is a nurse consultant in the cannabis industry. Today was the first day she was able to walk into a dispensary and help work with patients for the first time in a dispensary in the Kansas City metro area get the help they were seeking. 

Here is a report from local TV news KCTV5 in Kansas City.  It includes interviews of Fresh Green founds, nurse consultant Leigh Carr and of course the very first patient to purchase medical cannabis in the KC metro.

The grand opening certainly was a spectacle as all the local news channels and other media were on hand for this historic event. As cool as all the publicity and the giant spot light was, the biggest or most important thing about the day was the fact that hundreds of patients were able to come into Fresh Green, who may suffer from many various issues and ailments, was able to get their medicine that may be able to give them some form of relief and a better quality of life.

The day was full of excitement and Leigh consulted and talked too many patients, many of whom waited hours in line to celebrate the ability to now purchase medical marijuana in Missouri. Leigh helped educate patients on specific strains that may help their conditions best, as well as ways to consume that may be best for them individually and dosing strategies to help ensure patients have the most effective experience possible at relieving their ailments.  

Leigh Carr at Fresh Green in Kansas City

Leigh Carr at Fresh Green

Leigh was helping prepare for the Grand Opening by helping getting ready for the arrival of patients who have been waiting and anticipating the arrival of this day for years.  Leigh was able to educate and help many patients during the first day, helping people find the right relief for them.

Hari Om Hemp at Fresh Green in KC

Hari Om Hemp at Fresh Green

Hari Om Hemp products were available and can be found at Fresh Green Dispensaries.  The interior at Fresh Green is absolutely stunning and resonates an amazing vibe and feel. 

Kansas City Areas First Medical Cannabis Patient

Fresh Green’s First Customer!

A win for KC!

Here is Fresh Green’s first customer, who came and waited for the noon Grand Opening and arrived before 8am with his beautiful dog! History for sure in the Kansas City area.

Media on Hand for Grand Opening of Fresh Green KC in Lee's Summit, MO

It was a Media Event

The historic day will be well documented as all local news channels were present and many other publications and outlets were on hand as well.  The Missouri Cannabis community helped bring much attention to the Grand Opening such as MO Greenway and Evolution Magazine.