Advocates for Medical Freedom

We believe freedom over our own bodies may be one of the most important freedoms we have.  If we cannot dictate what goes into our bodies then they are not our bodies anymore.  While we are advocates for CBD and cannabis for medical purposes, our primary focus that we believe is individual medical freedom.  The choice for one to make their own decisions on the medicines they put into their own bodies.


We believe there are no one size fit all approaches to entire group of people and every one is different and everyone has different bodies.


We are members of Kansans for Health Freedom, which is an organization fighting for individual rights when it comes to people determining their own wellbeing and making sure everyone has the ability to choose what is right for them and their family.

Advocates for Medical Cannabis

Hari Om Hemp was co-founded and is operated by a nurse.  So we are adamant supporters of people being able to get the relief that cannabis may provide them for many conditions such as PTSD, skin conditions and many, many other ailments that have shown to help many people.

Hari Om Hemp was not just founded as another CBD brand, Hari Om Hemp was founded on the belief of truly helping people find the relief they seek and educate them on cannabis.  There is much more to cannabis than most people realize, most people simply know of two cannabinoids when it comes to cannabis (hemp or marijuana), those are THC and CBD. 

The truth is there are hundreds of cannabinoids, different strains of cannabis contain different phyto-cannabinoid profiles along with different and unique terpene profiles.  Each cannabinoid and terpene can affect various symptoms or ailments in different ways, understanding how each of these cannabinoids and terpenes work and interact could be absolutely crucial to finding the individual relief that is needed. 

Medical Cannabis Advocacy

Canna Matriarchs, Inc. provides a compassionate network of support and inclusivity for all cannabis supporting mothers. Our passionate organization of women works tirelessly to protect medical patient rights, give back to our communities, and provide education and assistance resources. By empowering mothers we successfully break down the stigmas against us.

We Are Jaine is a Womens Advocacy group in the Cannabis Industry.  Hari Om Hemp Co-Founder and CEO Leigh Carr is on the Board of DIrectors for We Are Jaine.  Jaine is focused on supporting, honoring, and educating women in an emerging industry by building alliances to foster a united voice through mentorship, empowerment, and networking.